Patrick J. Martinez

The Land of All

As in Tolkien, my story begins with an empty page of white, with elements of blue representing goodness. As my story continues the concept of evil is introduced with blue replaced by red until you get to the end and the garments reflect the fullness of good and evil.


  • White open front crop top and multi gored, knee length flared skirt w/ blue embellished facing hem.
  • White top featuring slits in front and back w/ blue embellished facing hem and low-waisted trouser.
  • White strapless, flared, high-low top w/ red embellished lining and high waist palazzo pants with tucks and hem cuff.
  • White strapless, high-low top w/ red embellished lining and midi multi gored pencil skirt.
  • White strapless top w/ flared side panels and pant featuring an overskirt w/ red embellished lining
  • Red over top, bustier and floor length skirt w/ embellished high-low flounce.
  • Blue, high-low crop top w/ embellished lining and, embellished high-low, multi gored, flared skirt.