Ursula Silva

Dragon’s Revenge1V2A5551

This collection of fall garments has design elements representing the world of the medieval fantasy warrior princess.

Gem tones evoke her regal character while the layers of satin, faux suede, and iridescent chiffon create a strong silhouette with flowing movement.



  • Black faux suede halter gown with asymmetric waistline and ruby satin skirt with chiffon accordion pleated overlay.
  • Sweetheart neckline sapphire gown with faux suede strap and chiffon overlay.
  • One-shoulder ruby satin gown with faux suede accent and cascade pleated chiffon overlay.
  • Floor-length slit gown of sapphire satin with asymmetrical emerald chiffon shawl.
  • Strapless sapphire satin dress with sweetheart neckline and black faux suede cape.
  • Emerald satin halter gown with black faux suede accents and pleated overlays in chiffon.
  • Ruby two-piece ensemble with long sleeved satin crop top embellished with black faux suede scales. Maxi skirt has faux suede waist band, inseam pockets, and pleated chiffon overlay.
  • Emerald two-piece satin ensemble with mock turtleneck crop top. Maxi skirt has faux suede waist band, inseam pockets, and chiffon cascade pleated front panel.