Nasya Barnette

Post-Apocalyptic RoyaltyNasya

This collection of eveningwear was designed to express the contradictory attributes of today’s woman – her strength and femininity. Dramatic shoulders convey strength while accentuated waistlines create a feminine silhouette.

Pleated dress with asymmetrical overlay.
Asymmetrical dress with waterfall pleated overskirt.
Pleated sweetheart bodice, asymmetrical skirts.
Fully pleated bodysuit with waterfall pleat detail on sides with train.
Pleated bodice, wide waistband and flared skirt with waterfall pleated details.
Low-cut bodice with structured and layered petal detail on sides.
Pleated sweetheart bodice with sheer skirt over bodysuit.
Evening dress with layered structured sleeves and layered skirt.