Tessa Moss

_MG_6073Vacant Structure

The concept of urban deterioration; vacant lots and architectural dilapidation was the inspiration for this collection. Structured vests and corset-like bodices create a framework in juxtaposition with soft tulles, chiffons and lace. The muted palette with metal accents creates a sophisticated, edgy look.


  • Pleated chiffon and leather top paired with leather pants.
  • Leather and silk top paired with a paneled leather and silk skirt.
  • Denim sleeveless top paired with lace and silk asymmetrical skirt.
  • Leather studded top with accent chains paired with lace skirt.
  • One shoulder top paired with chiffon skirt and leather shorts.
  • Denim studded corset with tulle and chiffon flounced skirt.
  • Denim vest paired with long chiffon and tulle skirt.
  • Leather corset paired with shredded tulle and chiffon skirt.