Paige Digiovanni

paigeFemme De Cirque

The circus is fun and whimsical. That is my inspiration. From princess bodices and a vest with tuxedo tails to jumpsuits with geometric lines, my collection of day wear plays off my interpretation of amusing aspects of the circus.


  • Rust brocade princess bodice jumpsuit with beaded epaulets
  • Princess bodice linen jumpsuit with chain-detail at hips
  • Silk taffeta princess bodice with woven straps and a geometric design line skirt
  • Two-piece wool crepe color-blocked bodice and skirt
  • Color-blocked tuxedo top and cropped pant embellished with buttons and chains
  • Cotton twill tuxedo style vest with chain details and cropped pant
  • Military style sleeveless princess bodice with a striped exaggerated pleated skirt
  • Wool crepe jumpsuit with woven seams on the bodice and beaded epaulets