Adriana Mendez


My collection was inspired by silhouettes of the Victorian era with a sense of romance and morbid beauty. Lace, silk, taffeta, chiffon, and bustles add to the dramatic shaping, and give this line theatrical undertones.


  • Brocade and silk organza dress with fitted skirt and pleats at the knee
  • Floor-length dress with stretch lace bodice and gathers at the waist and knee
  • Long sleeve silk fitted bodice with mennaid style skirt
  • Swing jacket with exaggerated collar and sleeves and mennaid style gown
  • Mennaid style gown with exaggerated sleeves
  • Burgundy satin strapless gown with a box pleated floor length skirt
  • Dress with corset-like bodice, sheer neckline and skirt of shredded silk chiffon
  • Lace ruffled bustier, skirt, and beaded floor length cape