Amanda Weeks

tn-Amanda WeeksCollection: Lady Be Mod

The inspiration for this collection comes from two very different eras: the 1940’s and the 1960’s. The silhouettes and shapes of the 1940’s are mixed with vibrant colors and a geometric print reminiscent of the 1960’s mod era. This collection combines simplicity with exaggeration to create a modern twist of these vintage looks.


  • Black cotton fitted dress accentuated with vertical and horizontal plaid designing.
  • Two-piece ensemble with boat-neck top and modified peg skirt.
  • Two-piece ensemble with pleated top and yoke skirt featuring pocket pleats.
  • Magenta and black dress with wrap bodice and pocket pleating.
  • Blue wool dress featuring a peg skirt and fitted bodice.
  • Black and white fitted dress accented with cap sleeves and oversized pocketing.
  • Two-piece ensemble with plaid asymmetrical top and blue pocket-pleated skirt.